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List your jewelry for sale on the Marketplace.

It's free to list. Set your own sales price and sell to buyers around the world.

Marketplace Form

How to List

1. Fill out the Marketplace Form

Your item will post to the Marketplace within one business day. It's free to list. If you need help filling out the form, click here for Form Instructions.

2. Mail your item to us

When your item sells you will ship it to Hock My Rock for authentication. Once received, we will open your package under video surveillance, and a gemologist will authenticate the item to make sure it is as you described on your Marketplace listing. The buyer's payment is held in escrow until your item is authenticated.

3. Get paid

Once your item is authenticated, we will ship it to the buyer and release payment to you - final sales price minus a 15% commission. At this point, the sale for you is final so long as you have complied with all Terms and Conditions. Hock My Rock will handle any refunds with the buyer.

During the authentication process, if we find that your item is not as you described on your Marketplace listing, we will notify both you and the buyer. The buyer can choose to continue with the sale as is, request a price adjustment from you or cancel the sale.

Why List with Us

Free Listing

Unlike other online marketplaces that charge upfront listing fees, insertion fees, subtitle fees, auction fees, reserve fees, etc., it is absolutely FREE to list your item for sale on the Hock My Rock Marketplace.

No Hidden Fees

When your item sells, we will mail a check to you for the final sales price minus a 15% commission for authenticating your item. That's it. There are no hidden fees.

Fraud Protection

Unlike other online marketplaces where a buyer can directly contact a seller and coax them into completing the transaction outside of the marketplace, with Hock My Rock you are protected. Hock My Rock is the only one who has your information and will contact you.


We understand that you might not want the individual you are selling to, to obtain your name, address and email like other online marketplaces reveal. With Hock My Rock the buyer will never have your personal information. When you sell an item on the Marketplace, you will mail your item to us, and after authentication we will mail the item to the buyer - protecting your identity and personal information.  

Final Sale Guarantee

Since your item is authenticated before it is shipped to the buyer, we guarantee that the item is as listed on the Marketplace. After payment is released to you, Hock My Rock will handle any returns with the buyer. Once you receive payment, the sale for you is deemed final (so long as you have complied with all Terms and Conditions.)