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All items listed on the Hock My Rock Marketplace are pre-owned and sold by independent sellers. Hock My Rock authenticates all items sold on the Marketplace and wants you to be 100% satisfied with your purchase.

Why Shop With Us

How It Works

1. Make a purchase

When you purchase an item on the Marketplace your payment will initially be held in escrow until the item is received and authenticated by Hock My Rock. The seller has five days to ship their item to us.

2. Await authentication

Once Hock My Rock receives the item, a gemologist will authenticate it. Once authenticated, we will ship the item to you and release payment to the seller. 

During the authentication process, if we find that the item you purchased is not as described, we will notify both you and the seller. You can choose to continue with the sale as is, request a price adjustment from the seller or cancel the sale and receive 100% of your money back.

3. Receive your item

We hope that you are happy with the item you purchased on the Marketplace. If for any reason you are not, you have five days from the date of delivery to request a refund and ship your item to us. We will either issue a refund in the form of a store credit or purchase the item from you for resale value. Please see Shipping and Returns for Buyers for more details.


All items purchased on the Marketplace are first sent to Hock My Rock for authentication. A gemologist will evaluate the item to make sure it is as described on the Marketplace listing.  Please see What We Authenticate below for more information.

Fraud Protection

Unlike other online marketplaces where the seller can directly contact a buyer and attempt to coax the buyer to complete the transaction outside of the marketplace, with Hock My Rock you are protected. We are your only point of contact and we do not release your information to the seller. 


We understand that you might not want the individual you are purchasing from to know your name, address and email like other online marketplaces reveal. When you purchase on the Hock My Rock Marketplace the seller will never know your name or other personal information. The seller will mail their item to us, and after it's been authenticated we will mail the item to you - a complete anonymous process. 


Since your item is authenticated before it arrives to you, we guarantee that the item is as listed on the Marketplace. After receiving the item, if you decide the item is not for you, we offer two options: a refund in the form of a Marketplace store credit to be used within 30 days, or we will make an offer to buy the item from you for liquidation value. 

What We Authenticate

Unknown information - If you purchase an item that is listed with unknown information, you are agreeing to purchase the item as is. For example, if the item is listed to have a center diamond that is unknown in color and clarity, during the authentication process we will not notify you to let you know what the color and clarity of the diamond is, we will only verify that it is a natural diamond. The authentication process compares the item in hand to what is listed on the Marketplace.

Normal wear and tear - All items sold on the Marketplace are pre-owned, unless otherwise noted, and there is a normal amount of wear and tear to be expected. Signs of normal wear and tear include: small superficial scratches in the metal or stones, cracks in the stones that may or may not be visible to the naked eye, spots on the metal that is worn off if gold plated. If any signs of normal wear and tear are not noted by the seller, during authentication you will not be notified.

Damage - Damage to the item falls outside of the normal wear and tear parameters. If there is any damage to the item that is not noted in the listing, we will notify you during authentication. Please note, if the damage to the item is listed, we will not notify you. The following are considered examples of damage: center or main stone has deep scratches or cracks; metal has any deep scratches or is bent; setting is damaged and it appears that a stone is loose enough to fall out.

When we receive an item that was sold on the Marketplace, a gemologist will compare the details of the seller's listing to the item in hand. Please note, diamonds and other fine stones are graded as mounting permits. The gemologist will authenticate the following when applicable:

  • diamond type (natural, synthetic, clarity enhanced)
  • shape of center or main stone
  • carat weight of center or main stone
  • color of center or main stone
  • clarity of center or main stone
  • metal type
  • size of ring
  • damage if any

Authenticating exact details - If any of the following authentication properties are not exact or do not fall within the parameters listed by the seller we will notify you: diamond type (natural, synthetic, clarity enhanced); center or main diamond shape, color and clarity; metal type.

Authenticating approximate details - If any of the following authentication properties are outside of the following stated parameters we will notify you: center or main diamond carat weight must be within .05 carats; size of ring must be within 1/4 of the stated size.