Frequently Asked Questions

What types of items do you buy?

Engagement rings, wedding bands and other jewelry made of diamonds, platinum, gold or silver and loose diamonds. We also buy name brand items, watches and coins. Visit the What We Buy page for a full list.


What are your fees?

Hock My Rock charges zero fees if you sell to us. When we make an offer to you, you will receive 100% of that offer. If you choose to receive payment via PayPal, you will not incur any PayPal fees on your end.

If you choose to list your item for free on the Marketplace to a third-party buyer, Hock My Rock takes a flat 15% commission only when your item sells. The commission covers our authentication process, which after completed will protect you from dealing with any returns (so long as you comply with all Terms and Conditions.)


How will your offer compare to the estimate that I received?

If your item is as you described on your Estimate Form, our offer will fall within the estimate range we provide to you. If for any reason our offer falls outside of the estimate range and you do not accept the offer, we will ship your item back to you free of charge.


Will you take the diamond out of my ring?

No. Your diamond will be graded as it is set. Only in rare circumstances will we ask your permission to remove the diamond. Only if you consent, will the diamond be removed. 


What if I have more than one item to sell?

Please fill out one Estimate Form or Marketplace Form for each item, unless you want to list more than one item as a set (i.e. engagement ring and wedding band set.)


If I fill out the Estimate Form and then decide to sell on the Marketplace, do I have to fill out that form as well?

No. After you submit the Estimate Form you will receive an estimate via email. Just reply to that email and request that your item be listed on the Marketplace. You may have to answer a few more questions and submit additional photos.


What should I do if I don't have an appraisal or certificate and don't know anything about my diamond?

If you want to sell directly to Hock My Rock, you should fill out the Estimate Form, noting any information you do have and include a photo of your item if you can. Once we receive your item in hand we will be able to give you an official offer. If you want to sell on the Marketplace, you will need to fill out the Marketplace Form selecting "unknown" for any specs that are unknown. Please do not guess if you don't know the information for certain.


Do I have to submit a photo of my item with my form?

If you fill out the Estimate Form, submitting a photo of your item is not required, but it is recommended as it allows us to see what your item looks like and compare it to the information on the form.

If you fill out the Marketplace Form, you must include photos of your item, preferably high-resolution photos in natural light from multiple angles, up-close photos of any diamonds, flaws, damage, metal markings or brand name. Include photos of any certificate, appraisal or other paperwork.


What if I don't accept the offer after I send it in?

No problem. If you decide not to accept the offer, your item will be shipped back to you. We will cover the shipping both ways so long as your item is as described and our offer falls outside of the estimate range. If you send an item to us that is not as described on your form or if you chose not to accept an offer that falls within our estimate range, you will be responsible for shipping costs to and from Hock My Rock. Keep in mind, once Hock My Rock makes an offer and you accept that offer, the sale is final.


How will I know where my item is once it leaves my hands?

If you choose to sell directly to Hock My Rock, and we send a prepaid shipping box or label to you, you will receive emails from USPS at each scanning point until your item is delivered to us. You can also track your package at

If you chose to ship your item yourself or sell on the Marketplace, you will be responsible for mailing your item to Hock My Rock and tracking your package. You will be asked to send that tracking information to Hock My Rock so we can know when to expect your package.


How long does it take for me to get paid?

If you sell directly to Hock My Rock, once you accept the offer, payment will be made within one business day. If you sell on the Marketplace, once your item has been authenticated payment will be issued within one business day.


What form of payment do you use?

If you sell directly to Hock My Rock, we make payment via check or PayPal - your choice. If you sell on the Marketplace, we issue payment via check.


Can I visit your office?

Yes! We have an office located in Midtown Manhattan. If you are in the area and would like to come in to receive an offer for your item, please fill out the Appointment Form located on the Contact page.